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Owner of ASL Interpreter Collaborative

Erin (she/her)


Erin took a class in basic ASL in high school as an elective and fell in love with the language. She got a Bachelor's degree in Athletic Training, but it just wasn't the career for her. She graduated from the SWIC interpreter training program in 2004. She worked with DeafWay interpreting services from 2005 until it's closing in 2022.

She loves interpreting in the medical field, and other science related topics. She's also spent several years mentoring other new interpreters through DeafWay's former mentoring program and is looking forward to creating more opportunities the future generation of interpreters.

Erin is a white female wearing glasses on the left middle of the image wearing a sweater. Joshua is on the right middle of the image wearing a coat. The two are standing in front of a background of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" that fills the rest of the image.


Caden is in the back right of the image dressed as Kylo Ren and wearing a mask covering his face. On the left of the image, Owen is wearing a Halloween costume from Halo and holding a colorful candy bag. Jackson is on the right side of the image, dressed as Woody from toy story, also holding a colorful candy bag. Owen and Jackson are smiling, getting ready for a trunk or treat.
  • Erin is an introvert. She tends to be on the quiet side, but loves getting to know people one on one.

  • She has three rambunctious boys: Caden (who also uses the name Reuben, working towards his black belt in karate, 11), Owen (almost 7, and a ball of energy), Jackson (3 and still my sweet baby).

  • Her husband, Joshua (deaf in one ear) is a graphic designer and the official maker of kettle corn for our summer time venture, Tricerapops kettle corn.

  • Erin spends her free time (ha! What's that?) getting chocolate milk, chicken nuggets for the littles and putting Paw Patrol on the kindle. She also watches Peppa Pig, Mr. Beast, and Let's Game it out (YouTube stuff my kids watch).

  • Erin dreams about naps, and not stepping on toys.

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