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             to learn about the What can YOU do? Campaign for Disability Employment. You will find more ways to make your work place accessible for all people, learn about tax credits your company may qualify for, and more!

Is my company legally required to hire interpreters?

Short answer: almost always, yes.

ADA Requirements - overview

ADA Requirements - formal document

Check out these letters created for businesses by the National Association of the Deaf. These letters break down the ADA law and how it applies to specific types of businesses. 

One situation that seems to cause confusion is funerals. Funeral Homes are also required to provide services (Title 3), as well as not charge the family for those services. Here are a few resources/articles that talk about and break down how the ADA applies to Funeral Homes. 

Resources for learning ASL

St. Louis Metro Area In Person Opportunities

Online Opportunities

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