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AIC's Interpreters


Chelsey (she/her)

Hananiah (he/they)

Angelica (she/her)

Rebecca S. (she/her)

Erin (she/her)

Hannah (she/her)

Nicole (she/her)

Katy (she/her)

Myra (she/her)

Andy (he/him)

Jessica (she/her)

Candance (she/her)

Stephanie (she/her)

Tyler (he/him)

Susen (she/her)

Amber (she/her)

Joe (he/him)

Lisa (she/her)

Megan (she/her)

Brittany (she/her)

Join our collaborative!

ASL Interpreter Collaborative is always looking for certified and licensed, ethical, and authentic interpreters (Deaf and hearing)- with an added focus on minority community members - to be a part of our IC roster. We see and acknowledge the shortage of interpreters; therefore we offer competitive wages as well as support through communication and action. If you would like to be a part of the team or if want more information, don't hesitate to contact us via our email below!

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