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Meet our Spring 2023 Interns!

Close shot of Natalie sitting at a table. Dark black curly hair with clear glasses on. With a brown skin. Has a long maroon cardigan on.

Natalie (she/her) 
Social Media Intern

Hi I’m Natalie! I’m a 22 year old college student, my favorite subject to study is English. I’m SWIC Alumni I graduated their interpreter training program in 2022. Things I like to do on my down time is walking, watching YouTube, and yoga! I love interacting with the deaf community and getting to meet new people. Most of all I aspire to become an ASL Interpreter!

Carla (she/her) 
Interpreting Intern

I'm a care provider, crafter, Spanish teacher, cat lover and on my way to being an interpreter! I enjoy all things music; whether it be listening to it, interpreting it or watching musicals. I'm thrilled and honored to be a part of this team and look forward to all the great learning opportunities that come from it.

Outside shot of Carla interpreting music with arms out and palms facing down standing in front of a drum set on a balcony with trees in the bottom of background. Wearing black off the shoulder jumpsuit and lime green glasses. Curly dark brown hair worn up with bangs framing face. Wide open smile. Wearing silver necklace. rose tattoo on left shoulder.
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